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Game dev studio

IT Point pro is a small game development studio, our constant collective consists just from two peoples. Since 2014 year we are developing small computer games and creating different 3d models for our projects and external customers.
About us

We are a small team of developers that creates interesting IT-projects for more than 10 years. List of our interests and abilities is very wide - in 2005 we start our business from creating small websites. Step by step our projects became more difficult and in 2010 we create our CMS-system.

More than 70 successfully realized projects of different difficulty levels, starting from simple home pages in distant 2005 year, to large CRM-systems, 3d modeling for game development and 3d printing at present time.

Constant technical support of implemented projects. We quickly and effectively solve emerging issues, change and modify created early systems. More than 85% of clients, who work with us once, come to us again! 10 companies work with us over 5 years.

Our history
  • 2018

    We'he got big order to create ventilation system elements 3d models. Work results will be posted on Sketchfab just after finish. Some of our models, created year ago will be posted at Unity Assets Store.

  • 2017

    Successfully finished work on low poly 3d models assets packages, which will be used in our mobile games. Created over 200 different items - city streets stuff, houses, construction materials, garden stuff and so on. Started the creation of several mobile games.

  • 2016

    Started the creation of several big low-poly assets packages for 3d games. Our printed 3d objects become more and more popular. Planned gradual reorientation of the company from the web development to 3d modeling.

  • 2015

    A new direction of our company opened - 3d printing. In addition to the development of 3d graphics to virtual reality, created by us objects can be seen now in the real world.

  • 2014

    Our leading developer receives certificate Zend Certified Engineer. We decided to suspend games development and concentrate on creating individual 3d-objects.

  • 2013

    Big step forward makes our game development direction. We decide to refuse the 2D-games and work only with a 3D-graphics. All projects are terminated before completion. Started work with Unity engine.

  • 2012

    An important year for our company. More than 20 web-sites of our clients are at the same time on SEO and SMO -promoting long time capturing the highest positions on most key requests.

  • 2011

    Created web-portal dedicated to the browser flash-games. Developed several own small flash-games speciall for this project. Although project closed 2 years later due to the popularity loss, work on the own flash-games continues.

  • 2010

    Start of partnership with Cube 3 company - the largest integrator of SugarCRM CRM-systems in Russia. Over the period of 6 years of common work implemented more than 20 projects modification of standard CRM-systems for the specifics of each client.

  • 2010

    Created our own usable and modern content management system. CMS is still actual, competitive, supports all current technologies and regularly updated. Over 40 sites of our client are working with this system.

  • 2009

    Developed large wedding portal and dofollow-blogs search service. Both projects are still working.

  • 2008

    Developed web-site for BB Software Co company. Created large administrative section for clients support. Although partnership terminated in 2011 year, the company still uses realized functionality.

  • 2007

    Created a large website devoted to information security. Interviews with experts, monthly antivirus ratings, targeted assistance of specialists in user issues. Project works successful more than 5 years, closed after company development strategy changed.

  • 2006

    Created network of information portals, containing daily updated collection of flash games, jokes, aphorisms, horoscopes, actual news from around the world, a number of convenient services and thematic forums. Four years later project closed due to the popularity loss.

  • 2005

    We've launched our first own web-project. It was a small entertainment site, containing several hundreds of aphorisms and jokes. Project closed since 3 years.

Our latest projects

Our Team

We are a small family company. Our constant collective consists just from two people. But after more than 12 years of work at different projects we have wide contacts with specialists from almost all areas of IT sphere.

Most of the work we carry out independently, but if it is necessary we are able to attract a large number of employees to every type of project. It's about 15 persons - designers, programmers, SEO-specialists, copywriters and so on.


We always ready for work and partnership. If you have any questions, comments or suggestions, there are many ways to contact us. You can call us via Skype, send an email or submit a message using contact form.
Skype: maxim-rnd
7 Days a week from 9:00 am to 7:00 pm
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